Your Girl Is An Influenster

Hey everyone! I hope everyone is doing well. I’m very excited to tell everyone that I’m now an Influenster! I got my first package in the mail from Maybelline with their new “City Mini Palettes”!

I was sent the palette in the color “Concrete Runway.” I would never have picked these colors for myself, but it’s something new and fresh I can play with. I get stuck in a rut of neutrals.Β IMG_3071

The palette retails for $9.99 and comes in six different shade combos. I like the way it’s compact and has smaller pans (obviously it’s a mini palette). The shades are super pigmented and tend to not have any fall out. It’s the perfect mix between neutrals and fashion shades which is great to make a day and night look! Each shade is also consistent in color and not patchy.Β IMG_3078

I was sent this product complimentry for testing purposes but all options are my own!

If you have any concerns or questions please let me know in the comments below!

Question of the day- Would you pick up one of these mini palettes/ what do you think about them?


17 thoughts on “Your Girl Is An Influenster

  1. Would you know what exactly was the requirement or number of tasks you had to accomplish before they started sending you items? πŸ™‚ I’ve downloaded it before but ended up just forgetting about it after a couple weeks just because it seemed like i was ages away from actually getting some products to try out haha but your post makes me want to give it another go!

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    1. I’m not a 100% sure exactly what I did. My score is 1780 which is “medium” to them. I’ve been reviewing a few products… about 30 of them. I also engage in questions. So, I think if you just show them your active then they will… maybe? I hope this helps some what! πŸ’œβœ¨


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